A Peace Bridge

Experiential Design, Concept Ideation



Designed for a bank along the Potomac River as a memorial to peace, this bridge is a visual representation and interpretation of what the idea of peace means to humankind. Through research in history, philosophy, and architecture I discovered that peace is a fleeting moment. It is not a sustainable state of mind, or a physical place someone can inhabit, and we are naturally incapable of achieving its permanent existance.

Creating a place conducive for thought and reflection, the subtle design allows the viewer to remain in the moment and free of distraction. Upon entering the monument, the path risesn representing conflict, and the incline prevents the viewer from seeing exactly what lies ahead. The center platform is the physical representation of peace—where the viewer is connected to nature and the tide dictates how much or how little of the platforms are submerged. After a moments reflection, the viewer is forced to leave the experience and mirrored experiences of entering and exiting contextualize the moment of reflection for the viewer’s future consideration.

Student Work
Class: Modern Theory & Design Critcism
Instructor: Hank Richardson